Are you dumb enough to smoke?

When I see someone smoking it’s very hard to comprehend.  We all know smoking kills.  It’s harmful to those around us.  So what does that say about the person?  Do they care about themselves?  Maybe not.  That’s sad.  Is there a way to help them?  No.  I can only help those that want help. 

Maybe they care, but they have a very difficult time fighting the addiction.  It’s also probably hurting them financially, which brings a lot of other problems.  

Then I think about the people around them physically and metaphorically.  Second hand smoke kills.  Are they so uncaring,unfeeling, cold that they will smoke around other people?  What if it’s someone that cares about them?  A parent, friend, sibling, relatives, spouse, partner, and/or child?  Do they care how their smoking affects them?  It could harm them physically.  It could harm them emotionally if they and/or the smoker get sick.  It could and probably will destroy them financially and that in itself creates problems.

Smoking is baffling.  If you smoke I hope you care enough to quit smoking.  If not for you, but for the people around you.  


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