How do I get rid of my vices? How do I change?

This question was posed to me.  I am not sure what to say.  It has very difficult for me to get rid of some vices personally.  So how do I give guidance?  I use kaizen.  Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement.  One of the most notable features of kaizen is that big results come from many small changes accumulated over time.  What are your vices?  Drugs, eating poorly, procrastination, video games, porn, surfing the internet for hours, Facebook, etc?  Why do you do them?  Can you find a healthier substitute?  What do you really want?  Does your vice get you there?  Can your vice be used in a positive way?

Really it comes down to just doing it.  I want to play a video game or watch TV right now, but will either get me what I want?  No.  Does this?  Yes, it does a little.  Do I feel better after I blogged or playing a video game?  Blogging of course.  It takes time to switch to new hobbies.  Repetition.  Not mentally beating yourself up.  Continue day after day to say you will one day.  Small improvements should be celebrated a little.  Perseverance.  Keep pushing forward.


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