New Habits. How can I make them happen?

This has ALWAYS been a challenge for me.  I am an introvert and need to to “turn off my mind” or so I feel on the weekends.  I think to much.  So working out helps, but usually I end up watching TV shows, movies, and/or play video games.  What do I accomplish over the weekend, usually not a lot more than anything that is not at home.  Foe almost a year now my better half has quietly suggested getting rid of Roku.  Not a hard push, just a soft sell.  So last Tuesday I sold my Roku.  Kaizen, small steps towards a bigger goal.  Yesterday was my first Friday without Roku.  I felt a bit like an addict without my drug.  I wanted my Roku.  So I watched a little on my iPad, but that is annoying, then moved on to more constructive things.  My partner does not think I will make it through the weekend, but is happy I am trying.  I feel I will make it, because I want to change.  I want to accomplish more in life.

It seems like a silly story in my life, but these small silly stories add up to bigger goals and dreams.



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