Getting Started Everyday

I do not know if I am a slow starter or easily distracted.  I am a big believer in getting enough sleep(I like to sleep in when i can).  My partner is the same way, and often times when we wake up we are not on the same page.  So there are some things I like to do to help us get started every day:

  1. Before I go to bed I make a list of what I need to do and prioritize it for the next day
  2. When I do get up I try and focus on my most important goal of the day.  This can often conflict with my partner’s goal of the day, which can slow us both down.
  3. I eat breakfast and have some iced tea, sans sweeteners, then tackle the goal.
  4. I do not beat myself up if I do not accomplish the goal or all of my goals.  I just restart the process right before bed.

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