Month: June 2016

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How to be sexy

Get in shape.  It is one of the few things I can control in my life.  Am I the best looking?  No.   Am I the sexiest?  No.  Am I the wealthiest?  No.  Am I the most successful in my class?  No.  Am I where I want to be yet?  No.  But I can be fit.  Fit is sexy.  Who does not want a fit partner?  Some, but I would say the majority would love a partner that takes care of themselves.  Nothing like a hardbody.

Being fit seems to go a long way for a lot of things.  I do not even know where to start, but here is an example.  I feel better about me.  I like looking at myself in a mirror.  It seems like the oddest thing.  It seems wrong, but damn I look good.  People like to touch people who are in good shape.  I do not mind.  Well, I guess I mind a little.  It depends on the person.  I can tell you I am not embarrassed of my body.  that feels good.  I look better in clothes.  I get the question,”do you work out?”  I feel more confident.  I feel healthier.  I have more energy.  In general I enjoy my life more.  I still have other goals, but being fit makes it a ton easier.