Small Steps Everyday in the Direction of Your Goal

Creating a fixed concrete plan is very difficult, even if you are going for a degree or certification.  The reason?  Life.  Life throws things at us constantly.  Some people have an easy time with all the temptations and desires of life, but most of us do not.  Why?  Who knows.  The key is focusing on today, but always being aware of what you are doing today is moving you to where you want to be in the future.

Me?  I enjoy blogging.  Why?  It is as if I am talking to a mentor.  Getting my thoughts and feelings out into the world makes me more aware of what I truly want in life.  the end goal has always been the same, to be happy.  What happy means to me now versus 10 years ago is vastly different.  Slowly I find out what I truly want in life.  Is it easy for me to blog?  No, but I do it via tumblr and wordpress mainly.  An example is today.  What am I going to write about?  It doesn’t matter.  As Nike says just do it.  The action is more important to me that the product.  It is like working out.  Some workouts are AWESOME and some are just not great.  What is important is I did something.

My end goal would be to be able to live in Japan full time, make $250,000/year minimum, have good health, a muscular body, and probably a home in Seattle, as well.  Kdis?  Yes. How do I get to my goals.  That is not completely clear yet.  Exercising daily, eating healthy, having the right attitude, becoming better at my job, and blogging.  I love blogging, helping people, motivating people, growing my inner and outer self.  Maybe one day I can make it a career.  I do feel I will need to take a writing class if that ever happens ;).



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