Get Stuff Done, when it needs doing.

I woke up this morning.  The first things I had to do was walk the dog.  The second thing I wanted to do was blog.  I did not blog though.  I got close, but did not blog.  As soon as I opened my computer I was distracted by a post on my reader.  It was so good I wanted to reblog it, which lead me to realizing I was having an issue with one of my accounts, which lead me to clearing my history and running a sweep of my computer.

I’m not beating myself up though.  Once all that was done I realized I needed to get back on track.  How did I do that?  I make a list every day and prioritize it.  It is tough doing the priorities first sometimes.  They are often times thing I do not want to do.  Tumbling is easy for me, but this blogging is a whole new arena.  Everyday I become better at it.

What do I write about(anything), how do I build my brand(do I have a brand), and I realize the only thing that matters is just blogging about what i have a passion about and sharing my life with the world.  I feel I learn by getting feedback from readers and other bloggers.  I also read and comment.  I do not have a clean process to get me to where I want to be, but I see the direction I need to go to be where I want to be and live.

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