What Are Your Goals?

What Are your Goals?

Have Your Written Them Down?

Yes?  Great!

You haven’t?  Then stop reading this and go write them down!

If you have no goals then you will have no path in life to follow.  You may not know how to get to your goals or even believe you can achieve them, but at least they are a destination.

Once you have your goals you should number them in terms of importance.  This importance may change over time or even today, but what is important is right here, right now.  Once you have determined your most important goal, start writing down what you need to attain this goal.  After you have done that, start organizing all the needs for your goal in terms of order.  What do you need to do first in order to attain your goal.  Focus on that.  What do you need to do in order to accomplish the very first step?  Maybe it has some little steps.  DO THE VERY FIRST STEP AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!!

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