Make A To Do List Every Day

I tend to be a little scatter brained in the morning and the first thing I see could be what I start doing for the day.  So I will forget all the things I thought about doing the night before.  So I always keep some lists handy.

Everyday I make a list of what I need to do and order it by priority.

Then there is my longg term goals list, which I keep on the wall.

Finanlly there is my intermeadiate list.  Not critical, but things I wantdone over time.

These always help me get on track each and every day.  Yes, I do buy litttle organizers.  I always forget to open my list app on my phone, so I need to “accidentally” see my lists from time to time.  

I post them in my dining area.

Hope that helps.  I posted the tool I use from Amazon above.


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