Balance, true happiness, being present in the moment

This weekend I sat with a friend. He is highly intelligent, and has been seeking peace, balance, happiness. Like most millennials he loves to travel, do yoga, and Chase happiness. One thing he started noticing is most millennial’s that he goes to events with are broke. They’ll be happy whatever event they’re attending, but then when they get home they’re unhappy again. They do yoga, they travel, they do events, that most don’t have plans. They don’t have realistic goals. They are so extremely in the moment, that they forget about their future which eventually catches up with them. So for the first time ever he started thinking about How to help them. How does he improve on these seminars that make everybody so happy? How can he help the seminars have a more lasting impact? He wants to talk about finances. He feels it is an element missing from exercise travel spirituality eating diet friendship food, but there’s nothing about planning and finances. Most millennial’s I made her really happy. I’m a little shocked to find some millennial’s are deep in debt. That they have no plans. I feel my friend is probably right. Finances are a dirty word. Nobody likes to talk about them. Thoughts?


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