Why I’m taking a Career Break…At age 38.

Author Michael Hyatt in Living Forward calls it “the Drift”. The drift is when we are floating through life, and, over time become, unaware, distracted, overwhelmed (by things we let overwhelm us). The majority of the population does this. But many of us become overwhelmed because we are locked into what the U.S. has brainwashed us successful or will make us happy. We are pushed to consume things we don’t need to fill the void (unhappiness) from not living a life that is aligned with our values. Many never have time (or take the time) to just STOP ask the big questions.  Ask what we truly value. I didn’t. And its why I’m taking the risk of leaving a comfortable, well paying job, and pursuing a life that is aligned with my values. Because  this will eat you alive eventually, even if you have all the money in the world. Its why people have mid-life crisis, and frankly is at the foundation of many of the issues we have in this country (health, financial, etc.). It goes back to the 5 Regrets of the Dying I worked It also goes back to th.

So I decided it was time. While I’m fortunate to not have obligations that tie me down, stopping to ask the questions is within everyone’s reach. And that was my starting point for what is a significant change and risk. and it can be anyone’s.  I stopped, reassessed and knew I needed space . Many of our worries are just other peoples worries that we take in through osmosis (this is proven). So I am leaving a comfortable job . I have read and listened to enough to know with 100% clarity that . That money is not necessarily the answer.


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