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I’ve Been Hiring People for 10 Years, and I Still Swear by a Simple Rule: If Someone Doesn’t Send a Thank-You Email, Don’t Hire Them.

The executive managing editor of Insider Inc. has hired hundreds of people over 10 years.
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Cities will Pay ūüíį You to Move There


Walk Disney Quote

The way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing.

Nothing Lasts Forever

This hit me profoundly this afternoon. ¬†I feel millennial understand this phrase, ‘ Nothing Lasts Forever.’ ¬†Nothing does, though I often live like I will have eternal options. ¬†The people I love will always be around. ¬†I can always pursue my goals one day in the distant future. ¬†The movie Dead Poets Society’s phrase ‘Carpe Diem,’ Seize the Day should be embraced more often than it has been.

I do not mean, don’t plan for things. ¬†You should plan and plan to be living well in to your 90s. ¬†What I mean to say is also plan for little things and other big things like kids. ¬†Have multiple plans, prioritize them and keep focused on those goals. ¬†Remind yourself and talk with your partner if you have one regularly about where you want to go and what you want to do in life.

Fear – the Next Step in Your/My Life

I do not know if you are like me.  A steady job, a steady income, a (false)sense of security.  About 5 weeks ago my world was thrown upside down.  One of the folks at my work had deliberately tried to end my career.  He sees it as just business, but I see it as something very different.  My stable, steady world was shattered.

So what did I do?  I did everything to repair the damage he had caused and for the most part I fixed things and re-established my safe and steady world.  The only problem was i realized it could happen again.  So what do I do?  I have my steady job back, but I no longer feel safe.  Worse, I still have to work with this individual whom I clearly can no longer trust.

It means I need to explore options outside of my comfort zone.  Does that terrify me?  Yes.  I may even start my own firm.  5 of my friends have done it and all have been successful.  Comparatively, when they worked at my firm I was better than them at their jobs.  So they all recommend I leave and go independent with or without them.

It terrifies me, but I feel if I do not do it I will never be free.


WomenWhoCode helping women in tech

WWCONNECT2016 in Seattle


Computer literacy is becoming¬†essential than ever in a recent development of technology. At work, I find¬†myself feeling incapable¬†because I don’t understand Ruby, SQL and data analysis. I’ve been feeling of necessity of learning how our app works so I can talk to our developers and find a solution. One of my colleague have told me ‚ÄúEveryone should learn how to code.‚ÄĚ Working at a small office, I know that it’d help a lot¬†if everyone could¬†jump in on a repo and fix issues, and create and discuss new features based on coding¬†knowledge (not just an idea off course from capability of our system).
Then at home, as I sit down winding on a couch, CEO of Girls who code¬†was talking¬†on The Daily¬†Show with Trevor Noah about¬†their mission to teach girls to code and touted about their success stories. I’ve seen more and more of the message of importance of coding skill.

OK, so I need to learn how to code.

So, what do I do? As I was searching on the web and found the Women who code having an event in Seattle. I wasn’t sure if this is the right place for somebody who just started learning to code. I’ve been teaching myself basic free online courses for a couple of months. I really wanted to see if this is something I can do it and enjoy it. I wanted to see women working in the field, their success and their struggle and all. And I found WWCode created this worldwide community and it is growing strong. I thought this will be a great opportunity to learn. So, I signed up¬†WWCONNECT2016 held in Seattle on Mar 19-20.

I’m glad I flew to Seattle (on March, yeah, I was advised it’s not the best season to go there but I found the weather was soothing and I liked it.) As I got there at the venue, there was a sense of support, encouragement and motivation in a room.

Here’s what I learned at WWCONNECT2016 conference.

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