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Fighting Depression

I am/was depressed today.

My sister texted me.

We never text and she usually has an agenda when she does text.

MY business is growing slowly. I hate being poor.

I live in a city that does not inspire me. So I have to learn to inspire myself.

I am in relationship that helps me grow, but is still unfulfilling.

My condo has another issue. I am thinking of selling it at a small loss.

That makes me sad.

I am out of shape.

What should I do?

My answer usually is Do Something.

I do not have a clear plan and need one.

I worked out and rested today.

Unproductive, but I am feeling better.

Tomorrow is another day.

Hopefully I will be happier tomorrow.

Baby steps to my ultimate goal.

Living in Japan.

Radiate Good Energy

Nothing works, if you don’t make it work!