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Sprint gets even cheaper with insane $15 unlimited data plan

Sprint gets even cheaper with insane $15 unlimited data plan
This is a promotional plan expected to last just a few weeks.
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How Masayoshi Son Became One of the Most Powerful Investors in Tech – Bloomberg

Love him or hate him, Softbank’s Masayoshi Son is shaking up Silicon Valley and global investing. He once lost more money than anyone has ever lost in history, but has since recovered to make some of the world’s most successful tech investments. (Video by Robin Fall) (Source: Bloomberg)
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I’m in Chicago. Usually I would think this is boring, but I come back year after year and it gets better. It’s extremely walkable city. The trains are not good but I can get around. I don’t really need the trains which is awesome and I love to walk. I stayed at the Virgin Hotel this time. It’s An extremely fun Hotel with a lot of personality and very very interesting people stay there and the bars and restaurants are exceptional. I loved my room I loved my time there. I walked around and some of the other hotels are amazing as well. I went to the Trump Hotel to check it out and see what all the fuss is about. The Trump Hotel was absolutely stunning.